The trials & tribulations of the worlds most frustated golfer.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

At last! I broke 100!

This week for the first time ever, my father and I both broke the magical 100 barrier. I have always seen 100 as something of a watershed score. I, and i'm sure many others too would not even consider anyone who cant score under 100 a proper golfer. So even though i have been playing for 3 years,, I only really became a 'proper'golofer this week, when I hit the marvelous score of 91. Hell I nearly broke 90 never mind under the ton. Pater scored a slightly less spectacular 97. But that too was a personal best for him, so we drove home happy, after a great 3 hours twenty minutes of golf. During which time nobody behind us was bugging us to hurry up (we let a lone golfer through) and the sun shone benevelently all afternoon.

The last few days i have been pondering what if anything was the one thing that helped my score the most. It must definately have been my new found ability to actually hit the ball a fair distance with the long 3 and 4 irons. Before the last month I hardly ever tried as i just chunked or topped them. It really is a good feeling to have a reasonable confidence of thwacking the ball a good distance, when one has a 3 iron in ones hand. :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

On the road to green again

Once again the tiny green shoots of hope are springing rather sporadically, over the courses "browns". The annoying thing is the hobbits who laughingly think of themselves as "greenkeepers" have not taken the chance to scatter seed on the small bare patches here and there. These green staff are so annoying that I once wrote to the local council asking to be considered the the greenkeepers job, as, "you obviously dont have one at the moment, judging by the appaling state of the greens. I got back a cryptic reply that my "letter was being dealt with"! Whatever that meant? But i regret to say I never heard anything more. Sigh...

Anywho here is a pic of me that i made from the "game face" facility in Tiger Woods 2004 (PC version)

Monday, August 07, 2006

My course is dying of thirst......

Ok, so it's only my local par 3 pitch & putt, thats certainly seen better days but thats not the point. The local dumb council workmen broke open the main water pipe months ago. Ergo, no water on the greens. Not 8usually a huge prob in the UK however, as it rains every week usually even in the summer. However this summer is shaping up to be the hottest and dryest since records began, so the greens are like straw.

Even though the guy on the TV show 'Gardeners world' informs us that "you do not EVER need to water the grass, however bad it looks. As it goes dormant in the heat and will always eventually grow back" The grass has now worryingly turned to straw and cracks underfoot as one walks across it. So in their wisdom the powers that be have shut down the course for the forseeable future and have no idea when it will be open again (even though there was a break in the heat and it rained four days last week, before returning us back to "hot hot hot!!") The people who run the course say let them play on, the damage has been done and it will grow back anyway. the owners ie: the local council authority, as usual acting too late and overdoing it. Have shut down for an unspecified time.

Sigh... it's only been shut for two weeks and i'm missing the pock marked greens already. I will go and make an inspection on the way to my brothers house tonite. More anon.