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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

At last! I broke 100!

This week for the first time ever, my father and I both broke the magical 100 barrier. I have always seen 100 as something of a watershed score. I, and i'm sure many others too would not even consider anyone who cant score under 100 a proper golfer. So even though i have been playing for 3 years,, I only really became a 'proper'golofer this week, when I hit the marvelous score of 91. Hell I nearly broke 90 never mind under the ton. Pater scored a slightly less spectacular 97. But that too was a personal best for him, so we drove home happy, after a great 3 hours twenty minutes of golf. During which time nobody behind us was bugging us to hurry up (we let a lone golfer through) and the sun shone benevelently all afternoon.

The last few days i have been pondering what if anything was the one thing that helped my score the most. It must definately have been my new found ability to actually hit the ball a fair distance with the long 3 and 4 irons. Before the last month I hardly ever tried as i just chunked or topped them. It really is a good feeling to have a reasonable confidence of thwacking the ball a good distance, when one has a 3 iron in ones hand. :)


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