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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Golfing for Heros

A few months back a friend and i decided to take up golf. Well to be more precise, I decided to take up golf, and my friend got dragged in to be my playing partner. Golf is a sport that should not really be played on your own too often. A reputation as a "billy no mates" is all to easilly attainable and difficult to lose. Or people just assume your so bad at the game nobody would dare chance a round with you.

I had once before played a full round with my father and uncle, many years ago, and beat them both on my first ever try with the old hickory stick (archaic) I always smile at the rememberance of my uncle franticly adding and re adding the scores to try and make them come out differently. At the time I couldn't see what on earth all the fuss was about. So I'd beat them both. So what ? Now I realise how bad they must have thought there game was, for a total beginer to trounce them on his first ever try. ( And it was. No really! ) It must have been traumatic for them or something as i could never get them to go again, even though I asked several times. My father gave up the game soon after and as far as I am aware my uncle also did soon after. At least he said he did, but he may have been just ensuring thats what his brother thought. So that there was never any chance of me coming along to a game ever again?

Anywhoo, back to the present. Many years later whilst on holiday in sunny south Devon (Torquay to be exact) I was on a family holiday with my now retired parents. There was a spare bed, so a friend of mine came along to defray the costs, of bed and board. petrol etc. Well one day early on in the holiday we drove past a golf club, which piqued my interest, though I said nothing. An hour or two later, we were at a car boot sale, that had appeared from nowhere, after we sailed around a bend in the road. there it was in an adjacent field to the roadside. like Brigadoon springing from the mists on Dartmoor, to trap unwary travellers. Well a car boot sale to the average englishman is like candy to a baby. Thoughts of the bargains to be had abound and before you know it, you have sailed through the gates and paid your 50p to park the car in a muddy field.

Well to get back to the theme of this dialogue, what was the first thing that I espied ? Yes your correct. A full set of golf clubs. I asked the price and like music to my ears the siren sang back in a Devon brogue "one pound each moi luv".
Well that sealed it for me. I then knew that the strange feeling as we passed that golf club a few miles back was fate tapping me on the shoulder, to tempt me back to the gloroius game that is golf.
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