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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Irons that you cant hit with. The conspiracy unmasked!

There are many "beginner" sets of golf clubs available these days. The term "beginner" sets however is a misnomer. Show me any golf beginner who can hit a 3 or 4 iron and I'll show you the one in a hundred person who is a natural golfer. There is just no way anybody new to golf can consistantly get the ball in the air with the long irons. Its either a "worm burner", that zooms across the grass at a height of 6 inches. Or it's the type of shot that takes a huge chunk of grass before the ball dribbles 3 yards. (golf has not yet gone metric. Yards are the order of the day)
For many players this also extends to the 5 iron for the beginning few months. So we have a set of clubs which have two or 3 clubs in which cannot be used.

So, the innocent golfing neophyte goes back to the shop, or his 'Pro' (Every golfer worth his salt, even a beginner. Especially a beginner must have the attentions of his own Pro. This is absolutely essential if one is to be taken seriously) and says, "I cant hit these damn long irons. What shall I do?"
This is where the clever part is. The novice golfer is suckered in to yet another purchase. This time a set of fairway woods. "You'll soon be belting those balls soaring into orbit with those babies"
is the inference. Strange thing is, this often does happen, as they are easier to hit than the long irons. Because of the greater loft and the flatter broader base. Which begs the question. Why do the club makers keep making and selling these "beginner" sets in the first place? Could it be they just like getting paid twice? Well who doesn't?


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